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Today & Projects

Today, part of his time JH who also is an internationally accredited journalist dedicates to cooperate honorarily in an important global journalistic project.
Details cannot and should not be provided at this time. Only to the extent that this is an ecological project which deals with decisive factors for the future of our planet.

Responsible people in the USA and in other countries on a global level are working on pressing issues that will tolerate no more delay.
Action and solutions are needed, and this think tank wants to contribute to this. Influential politicians, irresponsible corporate leaders, military-industrial complexes and other powerful groups stand in the way. This project is intended to help bring about change.

JH's very personal experiences from traveling the world, especially insights from the rainforests of this planet have convinced him that action is necessary, and that further inactivity will bring the ecology of the planet to the abyss.

Furthermore, JH is active in the astronomical reseach platform “zooniverse
as well as in NASA citizen science projects
where he participates in several scientific astronomical projects, especially in the fields of research on far distant galaxies, as well as in our solar system the search for the ninth planet and the discovery and exploration of comets.

But what might be much more of interest for the friends of his photography:

JH is currently compiling two new, extraordinary, very large-format art photo books, one on the topic “Rubber Fetish“, the other one on the topic of his “Wild Nudes“.

Stay tuned! You will be informed when time comes.